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You have water quality problem?
Here you will find the solution!


Why us?


P.A. Hygiene Products Ltd specializes exclusively in terms of water treatment systems, such as water softeners (Softener), water filters, reverse osmosis systems (Reverse Osmosis System), UV sterilizers UV and water coolers. These products are available in our shop Purity Water House and can also be installed on your site from our experienced staff.


The various water treatment systems may find use in Homes, Industries, Hospitals, Clinics, Dentists, Laundries, Hotels, Restaurants, Photography, Nurseries, Gyms and Pools.


Water filters


The ideal solution for providing drinking water to every home, office and business premises. Wide range of spare filters are available in our store.



Reverse Osmosis


Reverse Osmosis is the best and most efficient method of producing pure drinking or cooking water directly from the provision.



Water Coolers


Combine directly with the supply of drinking water, filter the water and provide a clean and fresh water quality in our glass.